Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip 13.3-inch FHD Laptop – Intel Core i7-1165G7 512GB SSD 16GB RAM Windows


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Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip Windows 11 Pro

ASUS ExpertBook B5 B5302FEA 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake Core i7-1165G7 up to 4.7GHz Processor, 12MB Cache, 4x Cores, 8x Thread / 16GB DDR4 RAM / 512GB

Modal No : ExpertBook B5302FEA-I716512B0X-1YR
11th Gen Core i7-1165G7 up to 4.70GHz


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Asus ExpertBook B5 Flip Windows 11 Pro

-Thin and Light

Lighter, stronger and more portable

The ExpertBook B5 Flip features pure aluminum covers on both the top and bottom, with a magnesium-aluminum alloy surrounding the keyboard area. This design not only ensures durability but also keeps the weight remarkably light at just 1.11 kg. You can effortlessly slip the ExpertBook B5 Flip into your briefcase, ensuring it’s always by your side, whether you’re working in the office or on the go.

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1.11 kg


16.9 mm



Get the job done, effortlessly

For seamless handling of your business tasks, the ExpertBook B5 Flip is equipped with up to an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, complemented by Iris Xe graphics and lightning-fast Intel WiFi 6 connectivity. This configuration ensures swift and responsive performance for computing, network operations, and graphics-intensive tasks, all while maintaining enterprise-grade manageability. With the inclusion of two SSDs, offering a massive dual 1 TB capacity and enhanced speed, along with support for RAID technology for improved data reliability or faster operation, the ExpertBook B5 Flip is designed to handle your data-intensive workflows with ease. Additionally, as a verified Intel Evo laptop, it guarantees top-tier performance, efficiency, and connectivity standards.

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RAID technology

RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a storage technology that enables multiple drives to function as a single unit. The ExpertBook B5 Flip offers support for both RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations, providing enhanced performance and data security.
RAID 0, also known as striping, evenly distributes data across two drives, resulting in up to twice the speed of operations compared to a single drive setup.
On the other hand, RAID 1, or mirroring, automatically duplicates all data across both disks. In the event of a drive failure, data can be swiftly and easily recovered from the other disk, ensuring data integrity and minimizing downtime.

Windows 11 Pro


Touch display

The NanoEdge display of the ExpertBook B5 Flip is truly remarkable. It’s not only touch-sensitive but also compatible with both finger and stylus input, catering to various user preferences and tasks. Additionally, with TÜV Rheinland-certified eye care features, this immersive slim-bezel screen ensures a comfortable viewing experience, making it ideal for both work and leisure activities.

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touch panel

360° Hinge

Ultimate flexibility

Thanks to its versatile 360° flippable hinge, the ExpertBook B5 Flip can adapt to various usage modes, such as tent and tablet modes. This flexibility facilitates instant collaboration, content sharing, or presentations, enhancing user convenience and productivity.

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Stylus support

The ExpertBook B5 Flip’s silky-smooth touchscreen supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity when paired with the optional ASUS Pen. This enhanced experience makes it an ideal choice for casual creativity, note-taking, and intuitive editing across various supported applications.


Lasts longer, charges faster

The ExpertBook B5 Flip ensures reliability whether you’re in a business meeting or on a long flight. With all-day battery life on a single charge, supported by energy-efficient Panel Self Refresh technology, it keeps you powered throughout the day. Moreover, fast-charge technology allows you to recharge the battery to up to 60% capacity in just 39 minutes, ensuring you’re back up and running quickly.

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Up to

66 Wh

li-polymer battery

Up to


battery life

Remote working and Conferencing

Two-way AI noise-canceling audio technology for business

For enhanced professional conferencing, the ExpertBook B5 Flip integrates two-way AI noise-canceling technology, employing advanced machine-learning techniques. This technology features both upstream noise filtering to eliminate background noise around the speaker and downstream noise reduction to enhance clarity for the listener on the other end of the conversation.

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Noise-reducing Camera

The ExpertBook B5 Flip boasts innovative 3D noise-reduction (3DNR) technology on its webcam, which effectively eliminates up to 23% of random noise commonly found in camera footage, particularly in low-light environments. This advancement significantly enhances image quality without sacrificing exposure or detail levels.


Ready for action

ExpertBook B5 Flip is engineered to not only meet but also exceed rigorous industry standards, including the highly demanding MIL-STD 810H US military standard. It’s constructed to withstand a multitude of extreme conditions, ranging from freezing cold to scorching desert heat, as well as high-speed shocks and routine impacts. Additionally, the B5 Flip undergoes thorough in-house testing, including assessments for panel pressure, shock resistance, and drop resilience, ensuring utmost durability in real-world usage scenarios.

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Port durability test
Up to 15,000 test cycles ensures I/O port durability

Drop test
Multi-sided, 120 cm drop while powered on



Hinge test
Subjects the laptop to 50,000 open-and-close cycles

keyboard spill-resistant test
Cope with liquid spills of up to 66 cc without harm.

I/O Ports

Comprehensive connectivity with no compromise

ExpertBook B5 Flip may boast a slim design, but it doesn’t compromise on connectivity. Equipped with state-of-the-art Thunderbolt™ 4 ports, it provides support for the advanced USB4 interface, enabling lightning-fast 40 Gbps data transfers, 4K display connectivity, and rapid charging capabilities. Additionally, the laptop features USB Type-A and HDMI outputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of peripherals and displays. For wired network connectivity, ExpertBook B5 Flip comes with a unique MAC address, facilitating seamless device management.

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Triple 4K displays

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip streamlines remote work by offering extensive connectivity options. Featuring two Thunderbolt 4 ports and one HDMI 2.0 port, it allows you to connect up to three external 4K UHD displays simultaneously. This setup enables versatile usage scenarios, such as hosting a video conference on B5 Flip’s own display while utilizing the additional screens to keep essential information visible during the call.

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Strong data protection and privacy

ExpertBook B5 Flip prioritizes security to safeguard sensitive data. It features multiple layers of protection, including an integrated fingerprint sensor and a physical webcam shield. Additionally, TPM 2.0 technology ensures that unauthorized access to your private information is prevented. For added physical security, an integrated Kensington lock slot allows you to quickly and easily secure your ExpertBook B5 Flip.

Fingerprint-reading power button

ExpertBook B5 Flip simplifies security with its built-in biometric feature. The fingerprint sensor seamlessly integrated into the power button allows for effortless login with just a tap, eliminating the need for complex passwords or PINs.

Webcam privacy shield

ExpertBook B5 Flip provides instant privacy with a physical webcam cover. Simply slide it open when you need to make video calls or recordings, and close it when you’re finished for peace of mind.

TPM 2.0

The dTPM chip securely stores authentication information, like passwords or encryption keys, safeguarding vital data and transactions. With encryption in place, the risk of leaks through hacking is virtually eliminated, ensuring your details remain protected.

User Experience

Ultimate input experience

ExpertBook B5 Flip offers a delightful typing and pointer control experience, thanks to a range of features and enhancements designed to boost productivity and comfort.

NumberPad 2.0

ASUS NumberPad 2.0 is an LED-illuminated numeric keypad ideal for number-crunching tasks. Simply tap the NumberPad 2.0 icon located on the top right of the touchpad to activate it. You can adjust the brightness by tapping the icon on the left to toggle between two brightness settings. Plus, intelligent software ensures you can still control the cursor even with NumberPad 2.0 activated.

Backlit keyboard

The backlit keyboard enables effortless typing in dimly lit environments, whether you’re at a twilight café table or in an aircraft cabin.

User-status indicator

A small yet bright LED light on the top cover of the ExpertBook B5 Flip provides a quick glance at your status—it automatically illuminates when you’re engaged in a conference call. This way, if you’re deep into a Skype or Teams meeting, your colleagues will instantly recognize that you’re occupied and avoid interrupting you.

ErgoLift hinge

ExpertBook B5 Flip is designed to enhance typing comfort and accuracy. Its ASUS ErgoLift hinge automatically tilts the keyboard to the most ergonomic typing position, while the widely spaced, long-travel keys offer responsive tactile feedback, ensuring more accurate typing.

Function-key shortcuts

You can conveniently access various features such as capturing screen grabs, activating the webcam, muting the microphone, enabling AI noise cancellation, or accessing the MyASUS app instantly using function-key shortcuts.


Simplifying business processes

ASUS management solutions simplify routine tasks, empowering IT staff to remotely control and manage company assets. This streamlined approach saves your organization valuable time and resources.

ASUS Control Center

The optional ASUS Control Center is a comprehensive IT-management software suite, providing centralized control and enabling remote management through a user-friendly web-based interface.


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