Hisense 14kg Top Loader Washing Machine


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Hisense Top Loader Washing Machine WTJA1402T

  • Bigger capacity
  • Bubble clean
  • Air dry function
  • Soak function
  • 2~24 Hours time delay function
  • Smart fuzzy logic control technology
  • Self-programming function
  • Double water inlets
  • Pump with filter
  • Child lock function
  • Tub clean
  • Self-diagnostic fault finding
  • Memory function

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Hisense Top Loader Washing Machine WTJA1402T

    1. Bigger Capacity: With a generous 14kg washing capacity, this top loader can handle large loads of laundry effortlessly. Whether it’s bulky bedding or a week’s worth of clothes, you won’t be disappointed.
    2. Bubble Clean Technology: The Hisense WTJA1402T incorporates bubble clean technology, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to fresh, clean laundry.
    3. Air Dry Function: After the wash cycle, the air dry function helps speed up the drying process. No more waiting around for damp clothes to dry – this feature gets them ready faster.
    4. Soak Function: For heavily soiled items, the soak function allows you to pre-soak your laundry, making stain removal more effective during the wash cycle.
    5. 2~24 Hours Time Delay Function: Schedule your laundry conveniently with the time delay function. Set it to start washing at a specific time that suits your daily routine.
    6. Smart Fuzzy Logic Control Technology: This intelligent system optimizes washing performance by adjusting water levels, wash times, and spin speeds based on the load size and fabric type.
    7. Self-Programming Function: Customize your wash cycles by saving preferred settings. The machine remembers your choices for future use.
    8. Double Water Inlets: The dual water inlets ensure efficient water supply during both washing and rinsing phases.
    9. Pump with Filter: The built-in pump with a filter helps maintain water flow and prevents debris from clogging the system.
    10. Child Lock Function: Keep curious little hands away from the controls with the child lock feature.
    11. Tub Clean: Regular tub cleaning ensures optimal hygiene and extends the life of your washing machine.
    12. Self-Diagnostic Fault Finding: If any issues arise, the self-diagnostic feature helps identify problems, making troubleshooting easier.
    13. Memory Function: Resume interrupted cycles seamlessly with the memory function.

    In summary, the Hisense WTJA1402T 14kg Top Loader Washing Machine combines convenience, efficiency, and reliability. It’s a great addition to any household, especially for those with larger laundry needs.

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Brand Hisense
Type Top Loader
Customer Model WTJA1402T
EAN 6901101826770
Competitor LG
Basic Product Data
Product Series JA
Product Color Titanium Gray
Double Inlet/Single Inlet Double
Inlet position Back
Display LED
Built in/Free standing Free Standing
Water Pressure (Mpa) 0.03-0.8
Supply Voltage (V/Hz) 220-240/50
Washing capacity (KG) 14
Spin capacity (KG) 14
Drying capacity (KG) /
Temperature Option (℃) /
Spin Speed Option.(rpm) /
Drum Volum(L) 74,8
Door lock type(PTC/   Electronic) /
Drain Pump Yes
Drain Pump Position Back
Inlet Pump No
Water Sensor/Water Switch Water Level Sensor
Tub/Drum Material Plastic/Stainless Steel
Softener/Position No
Solid detergent Yes
Liquid detergent Yes
Gradienter Yes
Number of sprinklers 2
Number of Filters 2
Product Outlook
Cabinet Colour Titanium Gray
Cabinet Material and Finish PCM
Function Buttons quantity 9
Function Buttons Type Push buttons
Number Programs 10
Auto/Fuzzy yes
Jeans yes
Heavy yes
Favourite yes
ECO yes
Baby Care yes
Tub Clean yes
Delicates yes
Quick yes
Rinse+Spin yes
Memory Backup yes
Pearl Drum yes
Tetris Drum ×
Snowflake Drum ×
Pause & Add yes
Child Lock yes
Delay End/Delay Start yes
Load Detection yes
Air Dry yes
Noise(wash/drain) 62/72
Net Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 580×610×1005
Packing Dimensions (Carton )   WxDxH (mm) 662x688x1095
Loading capacity   (Carton)(40HC) 108
Net Weight (Kg) 45
Packing Weight (Carton)(Kg) 49